T H E  A I R F O R C E   S H O W          

We have the Equipment: STAGE SOUND LIGHTS & SPECIAL EFFECTS For Small, Big and Mega Locations If needed we ship al our facilities world wide

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Stage Buhne: (trailer)

Total: 10 Mtr x 5 Mtr 80/110 Open Air

Download Stage Size
Stage Size.pdf (93.33KB)
Download Stage Size
Stage Size.pdf (93.33KB)

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RIDER-SWA.pdf (145.54KB)
Download Rider
RIDER-SWA.pdf (145.54KB)


Allan Heath           Wz3 14-4-2

ART                        418


2x Behringer EP 4000

4x Behringer EP 2500

Effect Equipment:

Lexcicon MX 200

Behringer DCX 2623

Lenovo Thinkpad (sweetlight light controller)


4x Shure SM 55 super

1x Eartrumpet Louise (Original Handmade)

1x Sennheiser Freeport wireless

1x the T.Bone free solo HT 1.8 Ghz

4x IMG Stage Line

1x Supralux CD56

1x Supralux DC112c

Loudspaekers FOH: 

2 JBL PRX 15" 

2 The Box Pro Achat 15"

3 JBL JRX 18"

2 Stage Accompagny F-6

Loudspeakers Monitor:

6 JBL JRX 12"


6x4 mtr. American Stands

2x2 mtr. K&M stands

10x 1,6 mtr.  K&M Mic. Stands

Musical Instruments:


Mouth Harmonica

Snare Drum

Lights Equipment: 

4  x LED COB Par 64 RGBW (60 Watt)

17 x LED COB Par 36 RGBW (12 Watt)

2  x LED Eurolite CLS-18 QCL RGBW (18 x 8 Watt)

2  x Showtec Indigo 60 Watt LED Movinghead

1  x Controler Arya DMX lightcomander

1  x Show tech DMX Booster Splitter 8 ch.

1  x Sweetlight DMX covertor

1  x Lenovo Think Pad (sweetlight DMX 512)


2x4       mtr. Slick Truss

1x2       mtr. Slick Truss

1x4       mtr. Euro Truss

2x3       mtr. Euro Truss

4x1,5    mtr. Euro Truss

Adapters Power:


240-120 Vlts Transformers Canada/USA

CEE 32- 16 400 Vlts.

Special FX Equipment

2 DMX Smoke machines

2 DMX Snow machines


Renault Master B150

Stage-trailer Hapert